Our Story

Dogo di Cattaro is a kennel for the race "Dogo Argentino", founded in 2015 u Kotor. The aim of the kennel "Dogo di Cattaro" is to maintain the tradition of the race Dogo Argentino and to try to improve the race, in accordance with the guidelines left by the creator of the race, Mr Antonio Nores Martinez. In order to achieve our goal, we had to provide strong basis and the offspring of the best representatives of the race, which proved to be extraordinary exhibits, and, at the same time, the best working dogs within the race. Dogo di Cattaro is based on the offspring of the best representatives of kennels De la Cocha, Del Litoral,Del Totoral and De el Tumi.
Our dogs:
Grof, who entered our home thanks to my wife, and I can say that the two of them have the merit that Dogo di Cattaro exists and that I begun to love for this race.
Una De La Paco Cassa came to our home thanks to the kennel Dogo del Morinj and De La Paco Cassa. We got her after a long process of choosing and waiting, and she is probably the best inheritor of Dogo del Morinj Quintona.
Una De La Paco Cassa
From her father’s side: Dogo Del Morinj Quinton wise World winner Paris 2011,Gloria Bianca CH SRB, Saviola De Lago Puelo Grand CH ARG, Victor Divina Fortitudo Multi CH INT,CH of Europ, Indio Del Litoral CH of the World,Grand CH ARG, Pampero Ackon Cahuak Multi CH INT,World CH
From her mother’s side: Massimomeridio Del Picadero CH of the World,Multi CH INT, Alfio Del Litoral Grand CH ARG, Eboteg II Del Litoral CH of the World, CH ARG, Huaino del Tumi CH of the World,CH ARG

Boracha a.k.a. Boa de Valhalla Cordobesa came to our home quite randomly. As my knowledge of the race Dogo Argentino expanded, I realized that I had to have the representative of De la Coche in the kennel.When we talk about the De la Coche kennel, we can agree that Morocho De La Cocha is a real legendary dog who was the genuine representative of the race. Thanks to the kennel De Valhalla Cordobesa Ultimo Cazador De La Cocha, the last inheritor of Morocha De La Cocha came to Europe.



Boa De Valhalla Cordobesa is his daughter, and, I can say this freely and without false modesty, she is the real inheritor of Ultimo Cazador De la Coche, and by this, the inheritor of Morocha De La Coche.
Boracha a.k.a. BOA De Valhalla Cordobesa
Father’s side: Ultimo Cazador De La Cocha, grandfather Morocho De La Cocha, there is not anything to add after this name, this is the dog who entered the legend, and who was the real representative of the race Dogo Argentino.
Mother’s side: Madona de Indios Latinos, grandfather PANGARE DE LA CATORCE

Our champions

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